Haseo, Part 2

On August 31, 2012, in .Hack//G.U. / Haseo, by Toast

Next up, bracers!

These were the first piece I worked on, my first time ever using wonderflex to build anything.  I didn’t include the red floating circle due to a time restriction.

Again, a quick reference photo.

Starting with the base of the piece.  The middle is foam fit to just slide over my hand with two layers of wonderflex on the outside.  As the shape was odd I used Model Magic to build up the base shape of it.  Although super light weight model magic doesn’t hold up well on its own and will crack when drying since it shrinks, it is also not sandable.

The model magic was covered in wood glue to help harden it up and cover some of the cracks, then covered in friendly plastic (a gum-like thermoplastic).

Top of the bracer, foam base.  This was wonderflexed and all piping/details were done in wonderflex as well.

The bracer was then bent into its circle shape, the top pieces given slight curves.

Gesso and white acrylic paint done as paint prep, sanded then painted with more white acrylic paint.  Silver is done with rub n’ buff in silver leaf.

Done! :)

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