Haseo, Part 3

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All of the previous pieces had much better build process/detail photos than all the remainders.  For the most part I was either rushing these parts as the convention was racing up in me or they were done earlier in the process when I wasn’t taking as many photos.

Next up, shoes!

Reference photo, this time from the .Hack//Trilogy movie.

These cannibalized a pair of boots that I didn’t like all that much, they were clipped down to fit the height of the shoe.  I added a bit of pleather to the top to hide the edges caused by cutting the boot down, however most of this is hidden by the shoe armour.

The front is very similar to the bracers (Part 2), shape and piping wise.  I do not suggest using pen marks on wonderflex, the gesso didn’t cover it for many layers.  The back is a simple loop with little arms that extend down, edging went down on the back part after this photo was taken.

Gessoed + painted. Acrylic paint for the back part, then rub n’ buff for the front again.  These are not glued to the shoes, they clip on with a series of elastics and velcro.

Completed shoe armour, glowing gem and all.

A quick picture showing where each battery pack (9V) was hidden.  each shoe had its own.  The gems certainly look funny from this angle when not lit up.

Shoes: Done! :)

Additional piece: Belt

Reference photo.  The design was edited a bit to compensate for the size of my gems.

Photos of this piece are after the con, so they do display the wear created during the convention.

Due to the placement of this piece (and the fact that I was out of wonderflex by this point) this was built out of foam.  The foam was covered in three layers of mod podge to seal it then painted in the same fashion as the other pieces.

Front and back respectively.

The bends in the ‘legs’ are from the convention, not too bad for a piece in such an area.

The circuit for this clipped into one of the battery packs hidden in the thigh pieces (Part 1).  It velcroed on to the belt to keep it flat against my body and strapped around it with some elastic and velcro.  Simple enough design.

All done :)

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Haseo, Part 1

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Worn to Anime Revolution 2012, Haseo Xth Form

There was far too much work on this cosplay to written up into one post so I’ll be posting a few pieces as at time.  First, the cuisses (thigh armour).

Quick reference of the piece, I mostly used references from the .Hack//G.U. Trilogy movie.

Base piece patterns on wonderflex.  A side note this is the size of a “Jumbo” or full sheet of wonderflex.

All pieces cut then wonderflexed.  One piece of foam to two pieces of wonderflex, double wonderflex containing a foam core to make the pieces solid.

Top of the piece coming together, bottom was built in a similar fashion,

Completed pieces, aside from the centre piece.  The stick out edges are a separate piece, attached to the main pieces same for the end tabs.  All piping is done with small bits of wonderflex.   Holes are to accommodate wiring.

Painting.    Yellow is delicate  painter’s tape, almost looked like I had switched to making iron man armour in the first picture.

Silver colour was an error and was later corrected to white.

Wiring and fixing.  Wiring goes through the piece to connect the bottom gem to the rest of the circuit.  There are two nine volts on each thigh piece, one for either a belt piece or shirt piece and one for the lights on the armour itself.

The velcro straps onto the belt and the three loops go around the belt to provide a second set of fasteners.

Glowy & done :)

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